My Favourite Albums Of…

Since my teens I’ve had a thing for writing lists, and it’s become a habit to put one together at the end of each year to reflect on the previous twelve months. I used to look forward to reading about the releases my favourite magazines considered the best of the year, if only to see how their collective views compared to my own singular one. I could match lists and if mine wasn’t too far removed from say, Rocksound’s or Kerrang’s, I’d be pretty pleased with myself, it was just one of those things – some sort of suggestion that I was doing something right musically. Anyway, I went through my computer and recovered some of these lists, most of which I wrote before starting this blog, and I figured I’d post them because, like I found other’s interesting people might like to browse through mine. Given that these lists were written at the end of their respective years they each say something about my taste that year, and how it’s perhaps changed over time. Feel free to browse, and please don’t hesitate to call me out on something I might’ve missed – I’d likely be grateful.


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