My Favourite Albums of 2014

100) SPORTS – Sunchokes (Bandcamp)
99) This Will Destroy You – Another Language (Bandcamp)
98) I Can Make A Mess – Growing In (Bandcamp)
97) The Ghost Inside – Dear Youth
96) By the Sea – Endless Days Crystal Sky
95) Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness – ST
94) Driver Friendly – Unimagined Bridges
93) Flower Face – Homesick (Bandcamp)
92) Panucci’s Pizza – All of my Friends Are Familiar… (Bandcamp)
91) Royal Blood – ST
90) Field Mouse – Hold Still Life (Bandcamp)
89) Alpha Male Tea Party – Droids (Bandcamp)
88) Bobby Barnett – Little Wounds (Bandcamp)
87) Playlounge – Pilot (Bandcamp)
86)New Found Glory – Resurrection
85) Kittyhawk – Hello, Again (Bandcamp)
84) SPORT – Bon Voyage (Bandcamp)
83) Such Gold – The New Sidewalk
82) Free Throw – Those Days Are Gone (Bandcamp / Review)
81) Brightside – Now and Loud (Bandcamp)
80) Beartooth – Disgusting
79) You Blew It! – Keep Doing What You’re Doing (Bandcamp / Review)
78) Little Big League – Tropical Jinx (Bandcamp)
77) Ed Sheeran – X (Review)
76) Animals As Leaders – The Joy Of Motion
75) Forever Came Calling – What Matters Most (Bandcamp)
74) Sun Kill Moon – Benji
73) Vales – Wilt & Rise (Bandcamp)
72) Charlie Simpson – Long Road Home (Review)
71) Aphex Twin – Syro
70) I Am The Avalanche – Wolverines (Review)
69) Mongol Horde – ST (Review)
68) Tiny Moving Parts – Pleasant Living (Bandcamp)
67) Gnarwolves – ST (Bandcamp / Review)
66) Black Monolith – Passenger (Bandcamp)
65) Marmozets – The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets (Review)
64) Lewis Watson – The Morning (Review)
63) Eyes Of Mara – ST (Bandcamp)
62) Bombay Bicylcle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow
61) Chumped – Teenage Retirement (Bandcamp)
60) Plaids – ST (Bandcamp)
59) The Smith Street Band – Throw Me In The River
58) Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss It All (Bandcamp / Review)
57) Restorations – LP3 (Bandcamp)
56) The Algorithm – Octopus4 (Review)
55) Stepfriends – All We’ve Got (Bandcamp)
54) Prawn – Kingfisher (Bandcamp)
53) The War On Drugs – Lost In The Dream
52) Cloud Nothings – Here And Nowhere Else
51) Of Us Giants – Nova Scotia (Bandcamp / Review)
50) Gates – Bloom & Breathe (Bandcamp)
49) The Black Keys – Turn Blue (Review)
48) Sorority Noise – Forgettable (BandcampReview)
47) Field Report – Marigolden
46) Slipknot – .5: The Gray Chapter
45) The Written Years – ST (Bandcamp / Review)
44) Pianos Become The Teeth – Keep You (Bandcamp)
43) St. Vincent – ST
42) Passenger – Whispers (Review)
41) Bury Tomorrow – Runes (Review)
40) From Indian Lakes – Absent Sounds (Bandcamp)
39) Trash Talk – No Peace (Review)
38) Jamie T – Carry On The Grudge (Review)
37) Sharon Van Etten – Are We There
36) The Xcerts – There Is Only You
35) McCafferty – BeachBoy (Review)
34) Pup – ST (Bandcamp)
33) Henrietta – The Trick Is Not Minding (Bandcamp)
32) Say Anything – Hebrews (Review)
31) Lonely The Brave – The Days War
30) Wild Ones – Keep It Safe (Bandcamp)
29) Northbound – Death Of A Slug (Bandcamp / Review)
28) Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues (Review)
27) Nothing – Guilty Of Everything (Bandcamp)
26) La Dispute – Rooms Of The House (Bandcamp)

25) Fucked Up – Glass Boys. For me, it isn’t Fucked Up’s best record, but it’s still better than most.

24) Weatherbox – Flies In All Directions. Reminds me of listening to …Is A Real Boy for the first time. Brian Warren is a brilliant songwriter. (Bandcamp)

23) Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds. By now, I expect the extraordinary from Machine Head, and they delivered again. Let down by closer Take Me Through The Fire.

22) Mac DeMarco – Salad Days. Rightly meriting higher placements elsewhere, this record calms me down and makes me feel cooler than I actually am, which is surprisingly easy.

21) Dikembe – Mediumship. A departure, but a good one. Took it’s time to grow on me, but once it did, it was on constant repeat. Like a grungy The Devil And God… (Bandcamp / Review)

20) Shirokuma – Sun Won’t Set. The always excellent Dog Knights Productions with another excellent backing. Emo / hardcore from Sweden, real heavy, real emotional, real real. Wouldn’t have found them without the labels backing, very glad that I did. Sun Won’t Set is intense in the best way. (Bandcamp)

19) Code Orange – I Am King. Dropped the ‘kids’ and did a whole lot of growing. Heavy and abrasive, but particularly convincing in its delivery. Slowburn and Dreams In Imertia are enjoyable nightmares. (Bandcamp)

18) Two Knights – Shut Up. Painfully and perfectly raw. Wrote a glowing review back in April and stand by every word, ‘self dissection with a pitchfork’ indeed. Short, sharp, and seriously affecting. Get sad. (Bandcamp / Review)

17) Moose Blood – I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time. Stellar debut from one of the UK’s biggest talents who are constantly on the way up. Seemed to justify their speedy ascent with every second. (BandcampReview)

16) Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties – We Don’t Have Each Other. Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell. With his side-project’s debut he released a compelling narrative, backed up by genuine heart. Poignantly penned and sincerely told I’ve sympathised with Aaron West every time I press play. (Review)

15) Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) – You Will Eventually Be Forgotten. An emotional and engaging release from start to finish, even if slightly repetitive. Made me feel lost in good company, appreciating the little things brought to my attention through music which encouraged me to experience. (Bandcamp / Review)

14) Fireworks – Oh, Common Life. Sure, it isn’t as catchy as Gospel, neither is it as good, but on Oh, Common Life Fireworks matured, and their songs benefited, still bouncing, but with an additional and welcome burden. (Bandcamp / Review)

13) The Menzingers – Rented World. Hoped it would be my AOTY, but the band failed to better On The Impossible Past. ‘Failed’ might not be the best word choice, because Rented World is still exceptional punk-rock, but it lacks the nostalgic, all-encompassing feel of its predecessor. (Review)

12) Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were. On LP2 Ben Howard made some changes, and they paid off. Stripped back in nature IFWWW seems to dwarf the competition despite a calmer, refined approach. Longer songs allowed for better songs, and Conrad and End Of The Affair are absolutely stunning. (Review)

11) The Cape Race – Home, Truths. In September I moved down south, and The Cape Race have made me feel like I haven’t since. One of the years finest British rock records, which is unfortunately very underrated, overlooked even. David Moloney’s vocals are impressively grand, and although several songs are rereleased the new material, such as Vines and Collapsing show a progression. They’re Young, They’re In Love remains one of my favourite songs of the last few years, larger than life. (Review)

10) Seahaven – Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only (Bandcamp / Reasoning / Review)
9) How To Dress Well – What Is This Heart? (Reasoning)
8) Architects – Lost Forever // Lost Together (Reasoning / Review)               
7) Have Mercy – A Place Of Our Own (Reasoning / Review)
6) Fatherson – I Am An Island (Reasoning)
5) Every Time I Die – From Parts Unknown (ReasoningReview)
4) Somos – Temple Of Plenty (Bandcamp / Reasoning)
3) The Hotelier – Home, Like No Place Is There (Bandcamp / ReasoningReview)
2) Noah Gundersen – Ledges (Reasoning)
1) Nouns – Still (Bandcamp / Reasoning / Review)

Nouns - Still Artwork


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