My Favourite Albums of 2019

There’s a lot that I’ve been grateful for this year, and I am happy to report that 2019 has been a pretty solid year for yours-truly (if not the world at large). I took up running, which meant I took up heavy music again, and I got slightly better at speaking Chinese, even if I… Read More My Favourite Albums of 2019


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A Lonely Ghost Burning – Alternative Melodies Aplenty

A Lonely Ghost Burning‘s Alternative Melodies series of compilations seeks to promote the work of artists primarily from the genres of rock and indie, with the many sub-genres covered also. Each release boasts a selection of songs rife with heart and energy, dynamic and anthemic, from the finding-its-feet feel of the initial Alt / Punk moniker to the streamlined… Read More A Lonely Ghost Burning – Alternative Melodies Aplenty

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