Mixtapes – Ordinary Silence (Review)

It’s summer, and it’s still raining outside, but it’s summer nonetheless. Sunny summer days need sunny summer soundtracks, and on their last effort (‘Even On The Worst Nights’) Mixtapes nailed that soundtrack pretty much spot on. Now the American punk band are back with their follow up 3rd album entitled ‘Ordinary Silence’ with the hope… Read More Mixtapes – Ordinary Silence (Review)


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Gatherer – Caught Between A Rock And A Sad Place (Review)

The current post-hardcore scene is congested to say the least. Every day a new band emerges, bringing nothing new, and only adding to a sound that is replicated with every new release. In this sense, Gatherer don’t differ by a great deal, but follow the formula in a way that has still resulted in a solid album… Read More Gatherer – Caught Between A Rock And A Sad Place (Review)

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letlive. – Banshee (Ghost Fame) [Review]

‘Fake History’ is one of my favourite albums from recent years, so my expectations for new letlive material were ridiculously high. Thankfully ‘Banshee (Ghost Fame)’ doesn’t disappoint. It’s three more minutes of excellently pulled off hardcore, that any letlive fan will lap up, and leave them eager for the release of ‘The Blackest Beautiful’ on… Read More letlive. – Banshee (Ghost Fame) [Review]

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