Gatherer – Caught Between A Rock And A Sad Place (Review)


The current post-hardcore scene is congested to say the least. Every day a new band emerges, bringing nothing new, and only adding to a sound that is replicated with every new release. In this sense, Gatherer don’t differ by a great deal, but follow the formula in a way that has still resulted in a solid album that stands apart from the crowd, which is by no means perfect but is still very good.

‘Caught Between A Rock and A Sad Place’ is the bands debut LP and first material since their 2012 EP ‘Postcards’. As far as debut records go, ‘CBARAASP’ does everything you’d expect from a band in the genre, but does so very well, placing Gatherer alongside the big names such as ‘Pianos Become The The Teeth’ and ‘Touche Amore’ with the album most noticeably sounding like these two aforementioned bands.

Gatherer pull off the mix of guttural roars and soaring instrumentals brilliantly, allowing for an album with multiple ‘goosebumps’ moments. It’s a finely crafted record, that makes good use of the genre conventions to create a semi-familiar experience that sets itself apart from the monotonous norm. It’s a fast, frantic experience, with vocals and instruments that complement each other well. It’s heavy and subtle at the appropriate times, switching between chugging segments, to solo vocals that truly capture the lyrics well. In terms of vocals, ‘CBARAASP’ is strong, although they can seem a little flat at times. For the most part however, Christian Berrigan’s vocals are on point, and are what you’d expect from a band in the genre. The record is good lyrically as well, with the albums title saying it all in terms of content, it’s an album of emotive lyrics.

Overall, ‘Caught Between A Rock and A Sad Place’ is a great example that music with true thought and craftsmanship can still be appreciated in a sea of similar artists with less talent, and is a testament to how good Gatherer actually are. Considering the album will cost you absolutely nothing as well, it’s definitely worth your time.

Rating – 8/10

Download it free here:


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