Plans For December and Other Vague Reflections / Goals

I’ve been struggling to find music I’d be interested in reviewing over the last few weeks (hence the decrease in activity) and I don’t see that changing in December. For that reason I intend to focus more on a recap than a review from now until January. Starting at some point before the 13th I’ll be counting down my top ten albums of the year before composing a (somewhat) comprehensive list of, say, my top seventy-five albums. After that’s done I want to reflect on some of 2013’s more disappointing releases and eventually looking ahead to 2014, with artists to watch etc. It may not seem like much, but I’d hate to spend thirty days watching the already limited interest in this blog deteriorate. Today’s been a pretty good day, and days like these motivate me to pick up my laptop and get something done.

In terms of 2014, I hope to post more often and cover a wider range of genres. I’d say I’ve done alright so far considering I set up this blog back in June. Covering the likes of Feed Me, A Day To Remember and Eminem has been interesting, even if only I think so. In terms of views, four thousand is much more than I expected in that time, and I’m fairly proud of some of the reviews I’ve done. I’m glad the few comments have been positive and I’ve been able to give people an impression of an album, even if it is sometimes poorly worded and confusing. Music is my main interest, and the opportunity to influence others (if only slightly) is something I find very rewarding. I’m also very pleased with the way this blog looks, and may consider going premium in the New Year if only to add a bit more polish to an already fairly attractive set up. Content wise it saddens me that one of my most negative reviews (Asking Alexandria – ‘From Death To Destiny’) has been my most viewed post whilst my most positive review of ‘The Earth Pushed Back’ by Have Mercy one of my least viewed, but I suppose that’s the state of modern music and I probably haven’t helped.

I’ve also enjoyed having something to occupy my time that hasn’t been watching Chuck on Netflix or getting frustrated with FIFA 14. That probably won’t change, although I’ll have to move onto Mad Men or American Horror Story soon. Hopefully in 2014 I’ll get an opportunity to branch out and do some writing elsewhere, and if I stick at this I’m confident I will. Writing here helps keep me in check whilst out of work and education and I want to carry on posting regularly after leaving for University in September or if I find work prior to leaving.

If you have read any of my reviews so far this year, or are reading this now then thank you for showing an interest, it means a lot to me.



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