Top 20 of 2013, Number 18: The Dillinger Escape Plan – One Of Us Is The Killer


Released: May       Genre: Mathcore       Metacritic Rating: 79%

Once a band finds a winning formula there’s no reason to change things, especially when they can pull it off so well. The Dillinger Escape Plan have always been innovative pioneers of the alternative music scene, but the band continued to blend aspects of metal, punk, hardcore and pop on One Of Us Is The Killer and as per usual it sounded incredible. Manic lead single ‘Prancer’ was somehow only the tip of the iceberg and the tracks that follow it on the bands fourth studio album with Greg Puciato on vocals are varied and dynamic. The title track is the pick of the bunch, beginning with an almost seductive jazz verse before a stadium sized chorus. The chaos of the bands previous works carries on with ‘Understanding Decay’, whilst the mammoth ‘Crossburner’ seems like a culmination of everything Dillinger have worked towards thus far. One Of Us Is The Killer is absolute dynamite, and continues the bands excellent form, further cementing their reputation as one of the most interesting and exciting bands on the planet.


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