A Year Of CraigReviewsMusic – Some Thoughts

So, it’s been a year, and although that doesn’t seem like a big enough deal to write about it does to me, because I suck when it comes to a commitment that involves any real ‘work’ on my end. Unless it’s a commitment to watch all of Sons Of Anarchy in two weeks, or a commitment to win the Premier League on FIFA with Blackburn Rovers I’ll normally struggle to make myself to do it. Even then in those scenarios it took me six weeks to finish Sons Of Anarchy,and I bought a few financial takeovers and simmed my way to success on FIFA. 365 days is a very long time to me, and I’m very happy that I’ve consistently posted in that period, improving as a writer. I’m very happy with the results, and even if they don’t matter to anyone else they matter to me. I set this blog up a week into my gap year, and the fact that it’s still going strong three months before the end of it makes me feel like I haven’t completely wasted the last year, which is great, because I have in most other regards.

If you’ve read anything on this site over the last year then thank you. I know I write a lot, and at times it’s all over the place, but I sincerely appreciate your time. I love music, and I love writing about music, so I find it incredibly cool that people might actually give a shit about something that I have to say on the topic, regardless of how well it’s said. I set this blog up for myself primarily, an outlet, but over the last few months it’s been getting more traffic / followers / comments, and emails have been coming in from artists, people who actually want to hear what I have to say about their songs, and that matters more to me than I can possibly express here. It all keeps me motivated, and what started as a hobby has become a project; one which I’ve become increasingly invested in. I haven’t really had something like that for a few years, so thank you for making it feel worthwhile. For a guy who does sometimes find it difficult to pull himself out of bed in the morning things like that matter, however small they may be. I don’t know how commendable 17,000 views is because it’s impossible to gauge how many of those views thought the visit was worth it, but put into perspective I do find that many quite surreal, and the number did  impress my Dad when he asked what the fuck I’d done with the last twelve months. Hopefully I can continue to keep this blog active, because I’d really like to. Right now I see that as very doable, and again, thank you for helping to make it seem that way.



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