Top 10 of 2014, Number 6: Fatherson – I Am An Island

Fatherson Island Vinyl

Released: April       Genre: Indie Rock       Metacritic Rating: N/A

A lot of people have been talking about Lonely The Brave this year, and rightly so, but fewer have been talking about Fatherson, which is a shame. In I Am An Island I found my favourite British release of the year, and I personally think the band trumped their fellow Scotsmen when it came to delivering on their debut. The bands first LP is pretty much everything I want in a modern rock record; huge choruses, hooks aplenty, spirited songwriting and a passion which bleeds through in every second. I Am An Island is pleasingly accomplished, deliciously confident in its own ability, and it holds back rarely. Frontman Ross Leighton gives undoubtedly my favourite vocal performance of the year, his accent chiming through in melodies which are bold and climbing, whilst the instrumental side of the record is charged and impressive. On Lights and James each separate element comes together emphatically well, and each is a firm highlight on a record featuring eleven highlights; Fatherson are very good, and no other band this year hit the ground running as well as these guys. There’s an excellent group dynamic throughout, each clash is a wave lapping across a rocky beach, stirring up images of isolation and doing so in a way which invites a listener in, to bask in it. It’s on monumental closer Foreign Waters where I really found a permanent home on the island; I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve stuck the song on and let it carry me away, the tracks peaks are skyscrapers, and it’s lulls are a firm reality check in the gentlest of ways.

I Am An Island is everything a debut should be and then some. It ticks all the right boxes whilst willingly going above and beyond consistently, ambitious and absorbing. Expect very big things from these guys, because foundations are rarely built with as much promise as on I Am An Island, which is often jaw dropping in scope and beguiling in execution.

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