Top 10 of 2014, Number 3: Somos – Temple Of Plenty

Somos Temple Of Plenty Vinyl

Released: March          Genre: Rock       Metacritic Rating: N/A

The second release from Tiny Engines to make my top five records of the 2014, Somos’ Temple Of Plenty never really felt like an obvious inclusion. Listening to it, as I am doing now, it doesn’t necessarily sound like an ‘album of the year’, which may sound odd considering that I’ve ranked it above labelmates The Hotelier, who certainly released a record with an AOTY feel to it.

I sat down to write this list, and when doing so I wanted it to be a conclusive list of records I’ve enjoyed, be it for their emotionally burdened nature, or their general musical appeal. It’s this classification, the extent to which I’ve enjoyed a release, which forces me to rank Somos, anything but begrudgingly, so highly. Temple Of Plenty is a release which I never fail to enjoy, and listening to it is undoubtedly the most fun I’ve had with a record in 2014. ‘Fun’ may seem like an odd word choice, it is, but punk music can be fun, right (?), although there’s a carefree, upbeat feel to Temple Of Plenty which makes it a pleasingly accessible record unconfined to a particular genre. It’s tough to pin down, but that’s part of the magic. Very refreshing and equally memorable the record is full of hits, populated with catchy hooks and standout lines, with the huge Dead Wrong a firm highlight, one of the year’s best tracks.

Four days prior to writing this I was travelling home from University, and this trip back up north included a six hour train journey. I listened to Temple Of Plenty for the entirety of said journey. I had 160GB of music in my pocket, and I stuck with the same nine songs throughout, and I think that says a fair amount about the band’s debut record, I hope it does at least. Train journeys suck, but this one didn’t, and that’s solely down to Somos. I can listen to Temple Of Plenty and kick back, simply enjoy some good music, and sometimes that’s all I want from a record, a means to pass the time and do so in a way which feels like I’ve made the most of every second.. Temple Of Plenty is an excellent usage of your time, and it does deserve it’s spot on this list, even if I’m doing a shit job of expressing that. You might just have to take my word for it, sorry.

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