Top 25 EP’s / Mini-Albums of 2014

So, here’s my final list, and probably my final post of 2014. Looking back as I have been doing I feel like the last twelve months or so have produced some truly brilliant pieces of music, and I’m optimistic about 2015’s chances of doing the same. I haven’t listened to many EP’s this year, or I should say that I haven’t really gone out of my way to find any; the majority of the list below are releases I stumbled upon through Bandcamp after people with musical tastes superior to mine bought them first. I’ve included Bandcamp links if available, in hopes that you might stumble upon them likewise. I did the same with my favourite songs and albums of 2014, and it’s awesome to see that people have been following the links, because embedding 100 of them happens to be a complete bitch.

25) Dead Leaves – ST (Bandcamp)
24) The Color And Sound – Peace Of Mind (Bandcamp)
23) Busy Living – How an Ending Feels (Bandcamp)
22) Dressmaker – Glass (Bandcamp / Review)
21) Dungeon Kids – Twin Ebb Tide (Bandcamp)
20) YR POETRY – No Tribes (Bandcamp)
19) Wet Petals – S/T (Bandcamp / Review)
18) Battleghost – Transient (Bandcamp / Review)
17) Traditions – Cycles (Bandcamp / Review)
16) Patch Kit – I Think I’m Going To Throw Up (Bandcamp)
15) Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold – Play Pretend (Bandcamp)
14) Kississippi – I Can Feel You In My Hair Still (Bandcamp)
13) Dæphne – Family Vacation (Demo) [Bandcamp / Review]
12) Cloudkicker – Little Histories (Bandcamp)
11) Flower Face – Funeral Kid (Bandcamp)
10) January 2nd – Left In Dust (Bandcamp)
9) Flowers Taped To Pens – S/T (Bandcamp)
8) Guest House – I’ll Get Over It I Guess (Bandcamp)
7) Periphery – Clear
6) Healing Powers – 7″ (Bandcamp)
5) Beach Slang – Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street (Bandcamp)

4) Ages – Rest Your Head. Seven tracks of short and sharp ‘hardcore’, frantic and passionate from start to finish. Carries a rock vibe throughout which sets it apart from similar releases, making it difficult to pin down but immensely enjoyable regardless. An excellent way to kill twelve minutes. (Bandcamp)

3) GRYSCL – Finding Comfort In ObsolescenceWrote a short but very positive review after GRYSCL sent this my way back in June. Noisy in a good way, and emotional in an even better way, Finding Comfort… convincingly juggles a few styles and had me hooked throughout, making it a release I’ve revisited a lot this year. (Bandcamp / Review)

2) Father Mountain – On Leaving And Being Left BehindReally promising debut EP from this Kentucky emo five-piece. Polished, well-written, whilst full of talent and emotion it reminded me of last years Moving Home by British band Moose Blood, and look at where those guys are now, signed to No Sleep Records and populating plenty of end of year lists, including my own. Definitely a band worth watching and hearing, because with the songs showcased here there’s a good chance Father Mountain can follow suit. Excellent emo and the potential to be your new favourite band. (Bandcamp)

1) The Posture – I Wish I Had. Narrowly making the No.1 spot, The Posture’s debut release was a towering powerhouse from the offset, packed with emotional contemplation and bold, soaring soundscapes which seem to complement the turbulent, lyrical content. It all makes for a compelling, intoxicating listen, one which works its way under your skin and stays there long after – one of those releases which is cathartic to a compulsory degree with the ability to genuinely move a listener. It’s powerful in a number of ways, and I can’t wait to hear more from a band who deliver a great deal of potential first time round. Watch this space. (Bandcamp)

Ages - Rest Your HEadGRYSCL - Finding ComfortFather Mountain - On LeavingThe Posture - I Wish I Had


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