Something I Wanted To Share Quickly

If you weren’t aware, which you almost certainly weren’t, I live in a town called Blackburn, in an English county called Lancashire. I’ve been into music since a very young age, but I never really paid any attention to the scene around the town I live in, maybe because I was ignorant, or maybe because said music scene just didn’t happen to be any good. In fact if, five years ago you’d asked me to name a band I’d consider local I could only name one, Failsafe, a rock band from Preston, which is around ten minutes away from where I live by bus. Failsafe happened to be the first band I ever saw live, and in a sense they helped get me into the music I listen to, the music on this blog. Anyway, I wanted to put together this quick post to bring your attention to something which I’d like to promote, both as a fan of the band and as a fan of decent human beings.

The reason I mention Failsafe is because on New Years Day the band’s guitarist, Matt Cogley, sadly passed away, and his brother, Martin, has recently set up a website in tribute. You can find that site here, and through it you can pick up Matt’s solo EP digitally, with proceeds going towards funding a memorial and purchasing musical instruments / equipment for the schools he attended. As a blog dedicated to reviewing music I may as well add that the record itself is very good, but in picking it up you’d be supporting a good cause and honoring the memory of a guy who passed away too young, which is much more important.



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