Bullet Music, A Beginning

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I guess that it has been a little while, six months, since I wrote anything music related on here. I have been away, taking a long vacation from my wannabe music journalist vocation. I think that the time has been put to good use, spent finishing off my degree, working part-time and writing poetry on a regular basis. Part of me enjoyed not writing on here, the slight window of free-time it opened up in my busy schedule, and as such I can’t pretend that I had plans to get back into my music writing. Last month though, out of the blue an opportunity presented itself, and I figured I could write about music again if I wanted to.

The opportunity came in the form of an American friend who I met while in Georgia, hitting me up on Instagram one day and asking if I wanted to join a network of likeminded music lovers over at Bullet Music, an online publication based in Atlanta and currently expanding. I thought about it, and then thought it a very good idea to jump onboard. In the last few months, while this site has very much remained dormant, I’ve scribbled a few things for Bullet, and hope to do plenty more scribbling in the future. You can find my work over there now, small amount that there currently is. I’ll aim to keep the list updated.

Slam Dunk 2017 Preview Piece

The Menzingers / The Flatliners / The Dirty Nil (Live Review)

Martyr Defiled – Young Gods (Album Review)

Ten British Bands To Keep An Ear On (Feature)

Vasudeva – No Clearance (Album Review)

London Underground Rave News Piece

I hope that you’re at least a little curious.



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