Record of the Day #25 – A Day To Remember, Homesick

img_0500It’s been eight years, and I’m still not entirely sure how much I actually like this record. I do like it,  it I remember going into it expecting it to be disappointing, and never really found enough within to chance the preconception. When Homesick dropped, British magazine Kerrang! gave Homesick a pretty damning 2/5, and part of me understands why. I don’t think that Homesick is a two-star record, I’d probably bump it up to a three and leave it at that. It has some strings songs littered throughout, but a lot of it is pretty forgettable. I look back at Have Faith In Me and see it as one of the bands stronger songs, but some of the stuff isn’t particularly great. It grows quite repetitive quite quickly, A Day To Remember sticking to what they know and not doing a great deal to branch out. Formulaic but fairly catchy, Homesick was another rung on the ladder for A Day To Remember in terms of their ascension. It isn’t a record likely to have brought in a huge amount of new fans, but for fans of the band, it hit the right note, even if some weren’t overly convinced. I much prefer the band’s debut but can enjoy Homesick every now and then.

Released: 2009            Label: Victory Records
Variant: 3rd /220        Purchased from: Victory Records

You’re probably wondering why I own Homesick on vinyl when I’m not actually the biggest fan of it. Hard to say. I think I was probably more into it at the time than I am now. It’s certainly been a while since I last spun it anyhow. It’s a decent record, and I really like this pressing of it. At the time it was the only record by the band I didn’t own on vinyl, so I guess I wanted it partly to fill the gap, and partly to enjoy on very rare occasions when I fancy a throwback.


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