My Favourite Albums of 2021

Hey, long time no see, Internet. Here I am, re-emerging from my year-long hibernation to participate in the annual record recap/love-in. It’s been quite the year, but you already know that. It’s been a year for music too, which is something you probably also already know. Here are my choice cuts from the last twelve… Read More My Favourite Albums of 2021


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Record of the Day #7 – Fireworks, Gospel

I wrote yesterday about what I’m pretty sure was the fourth record I ever bought. Today I’ve turned my attention to the third record I ever bought – Gospel by Fireworks. When I think of pop-punk records I hold particularly dear, I think of Gospel. As far as I’m concerned, the Michigan outfit released a near-perfect sophomore record… Read More Record of the Day #7 – Fireworks, Gospel

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