Against Me! – True Trans EP (Review)

20130719-184654.jpg‘True Trans’ may only be two songs and six minutes long but acts as a welcome teaser of sorts before the release of ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’ later this year.

The EP marks the first release since Laura Jane Grace’s sex change and deals with this change, as is expected of the title. First track ‘FuckMyLife666’ is a song about Grace’s true identify, and her own views of it, done well as is expected of a musician of this calibre. It’s new ground covered in the same way and this is good, considering some people believed Grace’s sex change could effect the quality of the music made. Grace’s vocals are identical to those on past releases and are as distinctly good as ever, being very strong. The better song on the EP is ‘True Trans Soul Rebel’, which has been played live often and addresses the sex change directly with the lyric ‘Does God bless your transexual heart? True trans soul rebel’. It’s a well written song, as is the one that precedes it. Against Me! have always made poignant, honest music and ‘True Trans’ continues this trend. As far as acoustic songs go, the EP is very good.

‘True Trans’ is completely acoustic and features no other band member bar Grace and serves as a solid taster for the upcoming album, with the two tracks featured apparently on ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’. Despite being short the EP is sweet and proves Against Me! are still as consistent and great as ever.

Download it for free (for a limited time) via:

Rating – 8/10


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