Top 20 of 2013, Number 16: Feed Me – Calamari Tuesday


Released: October       Genre: Electronic / Dance       Metacritic Rating: N/A, but I gave it 90%

Calamari Tuesday was exactly the album I expected Jon Gooch to bring out. I also expected it be fantastic, which it was. Gooch has been one of the most intriguing producers in electronic music for a while now now, performing under a number of aliases, but the long anticipated Calamari Tuesday may well be his crowning glory. With a solid blend of club anthems (‘Orion’) and grittier soundscapes (‘In The Bin’) Feed Me released an album that catered to a number of needs whilst being wholly engrossing and original. The dubstep elements of his music have rarely sounded better than on ‘Chinchilla’, and the fifteen tracks Calamari Tuesday contained were bolstered by a number of excellent guest vocalists. ‘Love Is All I Got’ remains one of the most upbeat pop songs of the year, whilst the drop in ‘No Grip’ is huge and complex. There are plenty of criticisms of mainstream electronic music lacking depth, but Gooch puts together a vibrating tapestry made up of numerous styles and sounds capable of stopping any critic mid-sentence and forcing them to nod their head in time.

My review:


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