Top 20 of 2013, Number 14: A Great Big Pile Of Leaves – You’re Always On My Mind


Released: July       Genre: Indie / Rock       Metacritic Rating: 72%

There’s something very blissful about the Brooklyn bands second album, and it’s a result of a very mellow tone created via meandering melodic guitars, catchy bass and relaxed vocals. It’s a record I’ve played most often after a long day, when I just want to lay back and soak in some music, if only to really appreciate it. A Great Big Pile Of Leaves find a cosy mix between indie and rock, with laid back verses and catchy choruses which are never overbearing. It manages to transport a listener whilst leaving them unsure why. ‘Snack Attack’ is a memorable opener which is followed by the quirky and contagious ‘Flying Fish’. ‘Ambiversion’ is one of the best track and the vocals on this song, as they are throughout, are perfectly weighted. If anything You’re Always On My Mind is a lazy album in the best way in that it seems to coast from start to finish bathing in its own fuzzy charisma. It’s very difficult to characterise, but it’s a record that shouldn’t be scrutinized to closely or else you’d miss out on the entire point. With song titles like ‘Pizzanomics’ and ‘Slumber Party’ the album suggests a good time, which is exactly what you get. You’re Always On My Mind is delightful, even if I’m not entirely sure why.



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