Music Submissions 1: History Majors / Art Contest / The Traps / Amatus


Histroy Majors - Shadows Math Major The Traps - Imposter Amatus - Broken Cross

Sometimes I receive music from artists, labels or PR companies which I don’t end up reviewing. This is down to a number of reasons, the majority of which are my own restrictions. It’d be a struggle to review everything I get sent in the amount of detail that I’d like to, and as a result some of it doesn’t get a mention at all. Instead of leaving these tracks and release drifting in my emails I figured I’d share them on here, with a very brief write-up, which seems preferably. I appreciate everything I get sent massively, and I often feel guilty for not featuring the majority of it.

History Majors – Shadows (Track) Shadows marks History Majors debut release, and it’s a really promising track, with hazy twinkling instrumentals and mellow vocals. There’s a very cool, chilled ambience to it, and fans of any band Evan Weiss has ever been associated with will similarities and take something from it. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the band’s debut EP this Spring and review that properly when it comes out. [6]

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Art Contest – Math Major (Album) This record is already a few months old, and there’s a good chance you’ll have missed it upon release as I did. It’s currently ‘name your price’ on Bandcamp and is well worth your time, especially if you’re a fan of jaunty, intricate and experimental math rock that does things differently and sounds great because of it. Opener Banana Boat is a dizzying and dazzling display, mixing up a number of styles brilliantly, swaying with indie guitar melodies and low-fi rock sections, all complemented well by more traditional vocals . It’s a strange yet brilliant record, and if I’d found it earlier I’d have said plenty more nice things about it. [9]

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The Traps – Imposter (Track) Birmingham based band The Traps released their debut album Calypso in September last year, and Imposter comes out six months later as part of an upcoming double single with the as yet unheard My Grip. Think dark, brooding and smart indie rock, with a cool and sleek retro feel. Imposter has a western feel to it, and it falls somewhere between No Country For Old Men and Drive, with its cruising polished instrumentals and wild west stirrings. The song is effortlessly cool, and I’m keen to hear more. [8]

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Amatus – Broken Compass (EP) This is a very cool release; New York R&B merged with synth-pop and electronic elements. It isn’t the kind of music I’d normally listen to, hence why I didn’t review it, but after a few brief listens it’s grown on me. It’s not quite as bizarre as say, Grimes, or as soulful as Janelle Monae, but it falls somewhere in-between, and Amatus play a sparkling and tuneful mix of the two, with indie and hip-hop sentiments. It’s an enticing blend, and makes for a unique sound which I’d definitely recommend. Messin is a highlight. [7]

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